Free FLV Player User Guide

Free FLV Player is a 100% free software helping users play FLV videos either downloaded to your PC, or from its direct URL online. Other than that, it supports playlist managing which helps organize your favorite FLVs in order. With play mode options, you can play the Flash videos by single play, order play, repeat all, repeat one, or shuffle. Screenshots can be taken while playing. What's more, you can even play unprotected M4V or MP4 videos as long as you changed the file extension into .flv. Here are the detailed guides.

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System Requirements

  • OS requirement: Windows NT4.0 + SP6/2000/XP/Win7 or above

  • 64MB Memory (128MB recommended)

  • 512MB hard disc space or above

  • Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or above

How to Play FLV from PC Hard Drive?

If you'd like to free download FLV from sites like Hulu, FC2, Yahoo, etc, StreamTransport is helpful. After download those FLV files, you can play them either with StreamTransport or with the Free FLV Player.
If you already have a lot of downloaded FLV stored on your PC hard drive and hope to play them, Free FLV Player is your best choice. It's small, clean and easy to use.

free flv player – open flv file

File Menu:

1. Open File (s): You have three options to load FLV for, Open File, Open URL, and Open Files. Clicking Open File, you can import single FLV file for playing, and clicking Open Files, you can import several FLV files into one Playlist.
2. Open URL: You can also play FLV from its direct URL by clicking Open URL.
Please note that this feature only supports some URL and the URL should be exactly where the FLV is placed, not the page where the FLV is playing. And this feature can help you save the videos that is detected by StreamTransport but failed to download, to your playlist.

For example, if you met with the following message shown in picture above with StreamTransport, you can copy the detected URL from Download window and paste it to Open URLs window in Free FLV Player. And then you can play it with the player and add it to Favorites. Or you can find it in History list.

View Menu:

In View Menu, you can view FLV Info, display playlist, set video size, set whether to be always on top, and set Preferences.

FLV Info: By clicking this option, you can view the detailed media info of the playing FLV, such as Duration, video codec, frame rate, dimensions, bit rate, audio codec, etc.

Display Playlist: With this option, you can show or hide playlist on the right pane of the player. The Playlist can be added with File menu by clicking Open Files and choosing multiple FLV files. The chosen FLV files will be placed under the same playlist.

Right-click on one playlist and you can popup a menu to play, create new playlist, save playlist, delete playlist, rename, add files, add folder, add URL, and more.

Video Size: In this menu, you can choose to play the video in original size, double size, fit to screen, or full screen. You can also drag the edge of the player to set the playing size as you like.

Preferences: In Preference window, you are able to set player background, auto resize, whether to be on top, save to history, associate .flv, change player skin, set play mode like repeat all, single play, etc.

Control Menu:

In this menu, you can control the playing FLV with options of Play/Pause, Stop, Play Mode, and Thumbnail.
With the Play Mode menu, you can choose to single play, order play, repeat all, repeat one, or shuffle. And clicking the Thumbnail option, you can specify a location to save the snapshot and save.

Favorites Menu:

With this menu, you are able to add the playing video or playlist to favorites.

By clicking the Organize Favorites, you can organize your favorite playlist or folder. You can create folder, rename playlist or folder name, move to folder, and delete.
The playlist will be saved as .mmpl file and the favorite file will be saved as .mmfv file. Both of them can be imported and played with Free FLV Player directly.

Help Menu:

With the Help menu, you can find help content, get support, and find version info of Free FLV Player.

Technical Support:

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding either StreamTransport or Free FLV Player, please feel free to send us an email to Your message may not be replied due to the large amount of emails every day, but please understand that we do review our emails every day and will take your problem or suggestion into consideration in the next update. We do appreciate any of your feedback.