How to Download Ustream Live Video? is a popular live video platform where you can either upload and share your own videos or enjoy wonderful videos uploaded from all over the world. With its apps, you can even watch live videos on Android or iOS devices. No matter watching on devices or computers, one disadvantage is that you must connect to the internet and you may lose all watched videos if you clear your history and storage. And here comes the way to download your favorite Ustream Live videos to you computer and enjoy them anytime you like.
It’s easy with the free Ustream video downloader, StreamTransport.

Download now

1. Browse to the page where your favorite video is playing. StreamTranport will detect the URL automatically.

Free Ustream Downloader

2. Choose one URL from list and click Download. If you’d like to change destination folder or output file name, please tick “Change Folder” before you click “Download”.

3. The Download window will be shown automatically with the downloading tasks. Maximize it and go back to the main interface, you can browse to any other videos or websites and create new tasks.

Downloading Ustream FLV video

4. When the Ustream videos are downloaded, you can click Locate to find the folder with downloaded files, or click Play to play the Ustream FLV with system default player. If your player does not support FLV files, you can use Free FLV Player to play and manage the Ustream videos in playlists.

Playing Ustream FLV video

What's more you can do with the downloaded Ustream videos?

Other than playback on your computer, here are some more ideas that you can do with the downloaded Ustream FLV.

1. Manage them in Free FLV Player Playlist and watch them whenever you like.
2. Convert them into other formats like MP4/M4V for playback on your Android or iOS devices, or Apple TV. Some free FLV video converter may help you.
3. Upload them to other video sharing sites for sharing. You must make sure that you are not violating the author’s copy-right in this case.
4. Burn to DVD/BD/CD for playback on hardware players or for better storage. You need DVD/BD/CD burner.
5. Insert into PowerPoint for present on your lecture, or session.
6. Edit in video-editing software to create your own video. You may need some video converter and video-editing software.

Now you can start to free download Ustream videos with StreamTransport and do whatever you like with the downloaded FLV.