How to Download Videos with StreamTransport? is very famous for its attracting video contents and also known as an undownloadable site which is using highly encrypt RTMP, and RTMPE protocols for video streaming. The new released free download tool, StreamTransport (used to be called Any FLV Downloader), will help you out and download whatever videos you like from Hulu, and more other video-sharing sites, such as MySpace, Veoh, Yahoo!Video, etc. Here’s the guide on how to use this handy tool. You can download the installation program from Install and launch it.

2. URL detection. Click in the page where the wanted video is playing, and the program will detect the video URL automatically for you.

3. Create download task. Select the right URL in the detection list section and click Download to create a download task. There is detailed information of each video. For most streams, there will be ads before the main video. You can manually select the longer one and/ or latter one for the main video stream. And then, the Download window showing the progress of download will pop up.

4. Pause, Resume, Stop, Remove, and Locate video tasks. In Download window, you can monitor the process of the download. You can also stop, remove, or locate a downloading task. For the stopped tasks, you can also resume them, but the download will start again from the very beginning.
Note: This window can be minimized or closed without ending the downloading tasks. You can resume the monitor by clicking Show Tasks on the main interface of this video stream downloading tool.

5. Muli-task availability. As soon as a downloading task is created, you can go back to the browser, go to other videos and create new download tasks. You can download at most 5 tasks simultaneously.

6. Play the downloaded video. The video you downloaded is .flv files. You can play them with Splayer, VLC player, or any other free FLV players.

7. What’s more you can do with the downloaded file? You can also convert the files into other format for playing with some video converters. Searching on Google Search, you will find plenty of free tools for it.

If you want to play the FLV with a wonderful free FLV player that is able to organize FLV in playlists, please refer to Free FLV Player.